January 15, 2008 § Leave a comment


~Robert Genn ‘The Atmosphere at ChatterBox Falls’

I did watercolor in a past life. Someday I’ll dig them out again but right now I’m entangled and enraptured with glass rods and the torch.
One of my favorite painters is Robert Genn. His works are full of light and color and he just happens to come from my old stomping grounds of Victoria, BC. (He’s an islander, he’s got to be one of the good guys.)

His work is impressionistic if you feel a need to slot something, and I hate doing that…but it’s a style I’ve always admired. It’s almost as though seen through severely myopic eyes, as I’m sure many of those old masters were. All you have are shape and light and color poured into and beside each other, but somehow those simple elements magically merge to become a satisfying image. If you stand close you become too aware of the process..you have to back up and feel it as well as see it.

A little like life that way.

He writes a weekly newsletter..twice a week actually. He’s a busy guy. His words are as thought provoking as are his paintings. I’m posting a link to an archived article.. ‘Creativity and mental Illness’. …most interesting..

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