>Sweeping out the studio

May 24, 2008 § 6 Comments

>I cleaned house in the studio yesterday. It was time…the beads were beginning to take over my work desk. Normally, I use most of my left overs and odd man out ( of other older sets) to use in my own designs but there was definitely an abundance of glass that needed weeding. So weed, I did. I took their beauty shots and put them up on Ebay, if you’d like to take a peek at that auction click on the image.
Have you seen those commercials for the odd little vacuum cleaner that will clean your room while you read or watch tv? Wouldn’t it be lovely to go one step further and and have a …hmmm, I suppose it would have to be a robotic arm..that organized and cleaned and did all those menial daily tasks leaving you to do only those things you enjoyed doing? I suppose that would be like eating your favorite food every day. Eventually you’d be craving mashed potatoes and wishing the damned arm would rest so that you could do your dishes..or something like that. 🙂 At any rate, enjoy your day today…there’s a pile of laundry waiting for me!

§ 6 Responses to >Sweeping out the studio

  • >Wow, those orphans are so beautiful. I really love your glass work. There was a lady selling glass beads in Alaska. It made me think of you and your work, especially because she did have some heart pendants like the plump heart among your orphan beads.

  • >oh thank you for that! So glad you’re back..There was no one to come in and leave me such nice comments while you were gone 😀

  • >Aw, I’m glad to be back and reading comments from you too! I drop by regularly to see what lovely new things you have made in your studio.What part of BC are you in? I’m in the Vancouver area.

  • >Way-y-y-y up in the northern corner..Fort St John, about an hour north of Dawson Creek which is smaller but many people seem to know where Dawson Creek is,possibly because its mile ‘0’ on the Alaskan Highway. If I have my way I’ll be living in the southern part of BC before too long..:)

  • >So you’re in ALASKA!?! Cuz that would be super cool since I was just there!!!

  • >no..I’m a long ways from Alaska, but apparently if you travel long enough on the Alaskan Highway you will eventually end up in Alaska! lol. Dawson is mile ‘0’ and wiki says Alaska is 2000 some kilometers from that point.

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