>Cracking the whip..

February 7, 2009 § 6 Comments

>Ironically, the greatest difficulty in being self-employed is being your own boss.

My life is full of many distractions..as all of yours are as well, I’m sure, and I’ve often thought I would get so much more accomplished if I rented out a studio space and left my home for a few hours a day to work head down in a room that housed nothing but my glass and a torch.

So how do you make yourself pull up your socks and get to work when there’s no one to answer to but yourself?

§ 6 Responses to >Cracking the whip..

  • Tracie says:

    >ummm i can give you a swift kick, if you’ll return the favor!!! ;)[trying very hard to keep my own backside in motion.. a few new pieces are ‘about’ finished!]

  • >You are so right see I should be making jewelry and instead I am surfing the web. better get at it myself

  • >lol..ah ha I suspected that was what I needed. Thanks for the boot Tracie! 😀

  • Nancy says:

    >Some days are easier than others. Some days it’s no problem and other days there’s no way I’m gonna do anything so I guess I’m in the same boat!

  • GAFFER GIRLS says:

    >love your blog …yes, I need to get back behind the torch…. can you help figure out how to make the day longer…?and we love your beads ….we are adding you to our glassy girls we like blog rollhave a great creative weekthe gaffer girls &mona

  • Nancy says:

    >I’ve never been one to actually want to go anywhere to do studio work. I’m much more motivated by being at home because I can let loose, do things at my own pace and structure my own day. If I find myself not wanting to do anything, I give myself choices: i.e. you can blog now or knit, but you HAVE to do one of them. That must be the teacher in me, ha!

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