>Latest on the ‘Bay..

February 22, 2009 § 13 Comments

>My studio is most always in ordered disarray..(I say ‘ordered’ because I do know where everything is) There’s not a lot of clean counter top showing in my work area, but rather an assortment of various glass rods and stubs along with tools and, since it is in the laundry room, sometimes even the odd sock.
Yesterday, for some silly reason, it became overwhelming.

I cleaned away all of the used glass rods that spill onto the work area and then pulled out only shades of amber.
I love amber..rich dulcet honey hued amber ~ there’s something sexy about the color.. I added a rod of ivory and a skinny rod of Beautiful translucent golden Reichenbach for high light and texture. The result is ‘Tiger Bite…a large set of 29 encased tiger striped glass beads.

Now to actually organize all of those half rods and stubs of glass I cleared away…

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