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Me in the Dead Sea 9.2010
This poor blog has taken a beating hasn’t it.
I am here in Israel where my husbands work has brought us for a time. Together we are drinking in the smells, sights, tastes and spirit of this small country in the Negev desert..The entire width of the country, from the Mediterranean Sea in the west to the Dead Sea in the east, can be crossed in 90 minutes~ It is dry, foreign and hot…it was 110 the day we floated in the Dead Sea..(which was fantastic, by the way.) But it is also scenic, beautiful and wonderful.
In one breath you are seeing utter desert wasteland..nothing but sand dunes and blue sky and by the time it takes you to draw in another breath there are mountains and cypress trees.
If the hotel buffets are an indication of diet here, Israelis are very healthy eaters. Fish, chicken and lamb seem to be consumed the most, so not a lot of red meat. Chick peas (hummus) flavored in many different ways, ~so far roasted red pepper is my favorite. I see salads in an entire new category now. Here, salads are any mix of cold foods served with your choice of dressings..really delicious.
Grocery shopping is interesting since most all print is in Hebrew. We tend to choose foods that have some english some where on them but we try to adventure out as well. We always choose at least one item that is entirely foreign…
So far we’ve stayed in the cookie aisle for this show of bravery so maybe the word adventure is a little far flung.
We have a few months more here and I’m looking forward to all of it..I will keep you posted!
Meanwhile,..with the Mediterranean on one side of Israel and the Dead Sea on the other…well, you know where I will be~

~much peace love joy and happiness to you~

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