>Hello Texas!…and a choice for the Giveaway :-)

November 29, 2010 § Leave a comment


It’s good-bye to the very lovely Boston for now.

We’ve enjoyed Boston to the fullest..its a city chock full of history and grand structures and sturdy, seemingly wise trees that graze these structures and even look down on some them they’re so immense. Trees that look like they’ve been standing as guardians for hundreds of years. I think its the trees and the architecture that have impressed me the most here~
At every turn in Boston there are ghosts from the past. Many battles were fought here and many poets and writers and artists have lived here. Names that we know… Henry Longfellow, David Thoreau, Louisa May Alcott, Paul Revere. The city exudes a sort of quiet and well placed pride in its history. This is where Harvard University has its home,so of course there are many many great minds here now as well.
We went to the Castleberry Fair in Wilmington before we left..that was fun. Not a whole lot of glass there..always room for more. I met a glass blower ~Henry Duquette, his business name is Wildfire Glass. Great booth set up with large professional photos overhead of him at his craft. Beautiful work..I bought a pendant of course!..well, I bought a few things~ 🙂 but it was lovely lovely to talk glass with someone for a little bit.
We’re in El Paso until Saturday and then on to Santa Barbara, California …We will be there longer so I’ll have time to get my supplies and tools out and set up.
Yes, I am a blessed lady. I know.
I wore my flip flops out for supper last night, its so warm. Sun is shining this morning and I am headed out the door to explore my neighbourhood. Don’t forget to enter for the bracelet giveaway

I’m going to give the winner a choice actually.. a pair of earrings like this, or the braclet~

Enjoy your day everyone!

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