November 30, 2010 § 4 Comments


Omnium-gatherum…(it just rolls off of your tongue, doesn’t it?)
n : a miscellaneous collection (as of things or persons)..eclectic gathering of artistic endevours.

I just like the feel of the word. If it were tangible I would roll it around in my hand all day..Omnium-gatherum-m-m…

I believe I have an omnium-gatherum happening.

I have a suitcase ~a fabulous one too I might rolls and spins cleanly in any direction, the outershell is hard and you can snug everything in tightly with elastic belts and best of all; every bit of my omnium-gatherum fits neatly and precisely within its confines..Love that.

This beloved suitcase travels with me chock full of beads and tools, leather bits, fabric and silk threads. Finished pieces of jewelry, unfinished pieces of jewelry, drawings of jewelry yet to be born. Magazines with pictures that instruct and inspire, you know the ones..artists and their work, artists and their studios…(ahhh, that’s a whole other day dream that one.)

I would be lost without my superb little grey case that spins obediently in any direction, brimming with my crafting treasures.

My sweet omnium-gatherum.

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