>Celebrations and new beginnings..

January 7, 2011 § 5 Comments

>It’s a very very long drive to my home in northern British Columbia from Lompoc, California. There was close t0 5000 miles put on our very gutsy 4WD suberban! [superb winter vehicle btw] and we enjoyed every moment of it. We took our time and saw some beautiful country..lots of beautiful country.

This video clip was taken on Christmas day ~thus the reason for the old skool Christmas music playing ..we were trying to inject a wee bit of traditional Christmas spirit on a day we had celebrated much much differently every other year.

We are somewhere in Montana very close to the Canadian border.

It was definitely a treasured experience for us and we won’t forget how we spent our first Christmas together, that’s for sure.
The weather was cold and the road was long, but the trip was sweet ~and most importantly I have my torch and my glass back in my hot little hands! and we are now back enjoying the warmth of sunny California.

..whew. we won’t be driving that road again for a very long time~

§ 5 Responses to >Celebrations and new beginnings..

  • Duni says:

    >Oh my – you DROVE all the way from California to Canada?! Wow. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, though! So, how is life treating you in California? We could use some sunshine over here :)hugs,Duni

  • >yes Duni..we needed to pick up things that couldn't be shipped or that I didn't trust to be shipped ..boxes that carried glass rods and tools and the torch and all of that paraphernalia..it was insanity at its finest. haha..sending you as much California sun as I can throw you today. :-)Thanks for stopping in!<3~Deborah

  • Wendy says:

    >That's kinda funny… I used to be naive enough to think that anything south of the Canadian border was warmer and had less snow than we do! I think it's because the only places we ever went were on the West Coast, where there was more rain than snow. Now I know better! FSJ is most definitely not the snow and cold capital of the world! We have enjoyed beautiful chinook whether all week… and then it's supposed to get back down to the minus thirties shortly (Celcius). Ugh. Anyway… nice little road trip video. Aren't GPS's wonderful? 26 miles down MAIN STREET? LOL

  • >yeah..funny you should notice that Wendy. hahaha. I love that thing but it did take us down one or two rather questionable routes~ a great piece of advice for those of you planning a long road trip? Have a back up road map in the glove box..

  • GAFFER GIRLS says:

    >howdy ..HAPPY NEW YEAR ..JUST OUT VISITING …LOVE mo & the girls

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