>Looking back..

January 14, 2011 § 4 Comments

I’ve been discovering the benefits of practicing meditation…most especially visual meditation.
Along with this my daughter is taking some massage therapy courses which involve some fairly graphic textbooks detailing the bodys anatomy.
Her precocious 4 year old…[and aren’t they all?]..has been fascinated and listens with great interest when my daughter talks about the things she’s learned in class. I’m certain she’s doctor material.

I knew she’d been sitting in while my daughter practiced her own meditation techniques so I asked my grand-daughter to do some yoga with me.
With great seriousness,she positioned herself in the classic Indian seated yoga pose, carefully placed her little fingers in an 0 position and looking at me with complete composure began to intone…with a slight lisp, since ‘r’s are a little difficult at that age;

Bweathe in….bweathe out….bweathe in…bweathe out…”

I’m trying very hard to keep my face straight as she hesitated to think for a minute, then obviously recalling some of her moms insights, she solemnly continued,

“your bones are gwowing….your body is healthy…
bweathe in…bweathe out…”

You couldn’t ask for a more perfect meditation mantra.

*I like the idea of ‘looking back’ every so often. This post was first published in November of 2007 when my grandbaby was 4..she is 7 now and continues to shine like the brilliant little star that she is~*

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