tapping your muse

May 14, 2011 § 3 Comments

relaxing on balcony

© Copyright 2011 Deborah Lambson

Creativity… such an elusive phenomenon..
What do you do to stir up those colorful energies in your mind?
I do know that one of the surest ways to block the creative process is to expect perfection..therefore~
Yes, you know it’s true all of you perfectionist souls out there afraid to put that first mark on the very white paper..   We must Strive for imperfection.
“The primary cholesterol clogging your creative arteries is fear. Fear of imperfection, fear of failure, fear of the pain involved in making progress..”            so says Brad Bollenbach
Musical notes of any sort inspire me ~can actually cause me to see more clearly a path that I want to go with a particular project.
“Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.”
   ~according to the man with true original thought–Ludwig van Beethoven
You might try Kobialka or this.. Bond Allegreto.  Both are new to me..  maybe some Apocolyptica..[ loved in small doses~]

The goal is to create an atmosphere of different notes in your environment. Something that will stir your juices and have you seeing your world a bit differently.
In the end sometimes its simply a matter of riding the flow..waiting it out.
Creativity has its own unique rhythm and if we’re listening and paying attention ~we can learn the Dance.

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