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May 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

Lampwork pendant, artisan created

© Copyright 2011 Deborah Lambson

available on Etsy~

for my son..

May 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

I miss my I miss them all.

I was searching through boxes today and came across sketches. Pencil drawings. Studies of hands and feet and awkward poses of a boy growing into his adolescent body..
and I remember the day.

How is it possible that it was years ago and not Moments!?

The creamy paper yields images of a day with my son.   I can see that slow half smile as he glances from me. As if afraid to meet me head on.

I see the arch of his young foot memorialized in graphite. His mother drawing his Silly.  Yet we both enjoy the presence of the other.

I finish the sketch and make a little squiggle on the tip of his big toe and show him,  just to see his grin.

images © Copyright 2011 Deborah Lambson

 I miss my child.

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>Celebrations and new beginnings..

January 7, 2011 § 5 Comments

>It’s a very very long drive to my home in northern British Columbia from Lompoc, California. There was close t0 5000 miles put on our very gutsy 4WD suberban! [superb winter vehicle btw] and we enjoyed every moment of it. We took our time and saw some beautiful country..lots of beautiful country.

This video clip was taken on Christmas day ~thus the reason for the old skool Christmas music playing ..we were trying to inject a wee bit of traditional Christmas spirit on a day we had celebrated much much differently every other year.

We are somewhere in Montana very close to the Canadian border.

It was definitely a treasured experience for us and we won’t forget how we spent our first Christmas together, that’s for sure.
The weather was cold and the road was long, but the trip was sweet ~and most importantly I have my torch and my glass back in my hot little hands! and we are now back enjoying the warmth of sunny California.

..whew. we won’t be driving that road again for a very long time~

>David Gray – Sail Away Live

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>Lampwork Bracelet…Blueberry Slate

November 5, 2010 § 1 Comment


I know as a serious jewelry designer one should pay close attention to the color of the season, but I confess to you..I usually don’t. I like to design with the colors that stir me at the moment..

However, I was pointed to the Pantone colors the other day by these ladies (who never fail to inspire and lift me, by the way) and I noticed that the colors I’ve been working with are the precise colors that are being selected as the palette for Spring/Summer 2011.
So the question is, was I unconciously being influenced/inspired…or is it simply an example of serendipitous conincidence?
This bracelet is available on Etsy.. chunky bold organic one else will be wearing one like it…AND in the colors of the upcoming season~

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We went for a drive yesterday to enjoy the beautiful weather before all of the leaves have fallen~ there were so many lovely old Bostonian homes dressed for Hallowe’en that I thought I’d share a couple of them with you.

Stay safe tonight all of you ghosties and goblins~

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