for my son..

May 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

I miss my I miss them all.

I was searching through boxes today and came across sketches. Pencil drawings. Studies of hands and feet and awkward poses of a boy growing into his adolescent body..
and I remember the day.

How is it possible that it was years ago and not Moments!?

The creamy paper yields images of a day with my son.   I can see that slow half smile as he glances from me. As if afraid to meet me head on.

I see the arch of his young foot memorialized in graphite. His mother drawing his Silly.  Yet we both enjoy the presence of the other.

I finish the sketch and make a little squiggle on the tip of his big toe and show him,  just to see his grin.

images © Copyright 2011 Deborah Lambson

 I miss my child.

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